Westfield Century City – A 2017 Mall Revelation

The recently refurbished Westfield Century City Mall has got a lot of people in the commercial real estate world buzzing. The new mall, which cost an approximate $1 billion to renovate has increased its space by 400,000 square feet. According to the Los Angeles Times, over 90% of the stores are new. One of the things that stands out is the outdoor event space known as the Atrium which has a seating capacity of 1,000 and will be used mainly for concerts as well as live performances.

In addition, there are also places where shoppers can take a rest after walking around the mall, which include some unique hanging beds and posh furniture spread throughout. In a bid to make the mall more attractive to the high-end shoppers, the new version has unique and extravagant features such as VIP lounges and personalized reserved parking stalls. There are even private elevators for celebrities who might want to go shopping without attracting much attention. “The design of the mall is meant to be a sanctuary,” said Peter Lowy the Executive officer of Westfield, which is the owner-operator of the of the mall.

Westfield is also trying to make the place more attractive not just to those celebrities – but also to professionals in the Hollywood industry. A few weeks ago the property owner announced that Century City Mall was going to be a “home base” for stylists and costume designers working in the entertainment sector. This is great news for those in that community, as many of them work on sets but don’t always have a steady 9-5.

The mall has something compelling for almost anyone. For the non-Hollywood insider, there are several additions that are quite enticing. Just this past November, the famous Italian food emporium Eataly opened its first West Coast based location in the Century City Mall. In addition, a virtual reality entertainment center (Dreamscape Immersive) hinted at opening its doors the beginning of next year. The virtual concept is partly sponsored by AMC entertainment which currently runs the mall’s movie theater.

The shopping mall has been under renovation and in planned redesign for over a decade, and it seems to have finally achieved its objective. Mr. Lowy, the Chief Executive of Westfield admitted that the project has taken quite some time, but the organization is happy that they have managed to finish up with the project with so many innovative pieces. Since its opening, the mall has received a lot of positive feedback and the management is confident that they will be able to meet up with the expectations of all their customers.

The Westfield Century City is no doubt a project that will attract people from all walks of life and be one of the “malls of the future.”