Top Real Estate Development Companies

Frank Haney’s market share within Washington D.C. is developing at a rapid pace. The city is currently experiencing population growth, an improved economy and consumer confidence is returning back to the area. As a result, D.C. is becoming a thriving place once again.

Another reason why the real estate market in D.C. is on the rise has to do with the companies that are helping to push this drive. Key real estate development companies are ensuring that D.C. remains a viable area for home buyers and sellers. Here is a list of the top real estate development companies within the area.

Peterson’s Companies

Peterson’s Companies is the largest and most respected real estate development organization within the D.C. area. This construction company has manufactured over 30,000 homes, offices and commercial businesses. Peterson’s market presence is strong within the nation’s capital and they are one building company that is at the forefront of the real estate development market in the area.

PN Hoffman and Associates

PN Hoffman and Associates is a building firm that also has a strong presence in the D.C. area. This company has been in business since the early 90s and have witnessed the rise and fall of the property market within Washington. They provide houses and buildings for many residential and business customers that need a place to live and work.

Douglas Development

Douglas Development specializes with the creation of mixed used communities. They also focus on the development of specialized areas within a city such as a Chinatown or a building styles from the colonial era. Douglas development might not be as big as the other developers but their unique styles and designs are extremely influential in the Washington D.C. area.

Clark Construction

This construction company makes homes for military personnel, luxury apartments and hospitals. They make a wide variety of structures as a means to stay competitive and to bring their own flavor of style and design to the D.C. area. Clark Construction understands how the D.C. community works and lives and they use this knowledge to stay relevant within the market.

Lerner Enterprises

Lerner Enterprises is another highly rated construction company in the D.C. area because they focus on commercial, hotel and retail structures. They do make residential homes but they are mainly known for their business and industry real estate projects. Lerner is a strong company because they make useful properties for commercial and public use. These construction companies are all leaders in the area of development. They will influence the appearance and lifestyle of Washington D.C. for many years into the future.