Tips for Having a Successful and Satisfying Career

Everyone wants to be able to go to work every day and feel like they are contributing to the world, while also doing what one is passionate about. Are there any tried and true tips for cultivating a satisfying and rewarding career? David Leuschen, CEO of Riverstone Holdings, gave advice to undergrads at the Dartmouth school of business to help the younger generation decide the career path that is right for them and discover the secrets to having a career one loves.

For one, Leuschen says, don’t be afraid to live on the edge. Too many people live within the lines, he thinks. The biggest returns come when one takes a stand and risks things that are important. It is in these key moments that one feels alive and is really standing for something that is bigger than them. In business, it is important to take intelligent risks to get a return on an investment. He lives by this philosophy and is one of the most successful business people in the world, so maybe one should take his advice.

He also lives by the Woody Allen quote, “90% of life is just showing up”. The best thing to do is to pick a career and stick with it, through the ups and the downs. There are always down experiences, and there will be some things one doesn’t like. However, if one continues to show up and find opportunities, things will begin looking up and one will soar like never before. He mentioned as an example his founding of Riverstone. He felt like it was a mistake for a long time afterward, but he stuck with it and continued showing up. Now it’s one of the more successful businesses out there. Things will look up.

This advice and more was given to these lucky students, who got to meet a man that many of the most eminent business people fight to speak with, if only for a moment. All in all, these two bits of advice are the most key strategies for being successful. To not be afraid, and to commit and show up despite hardships. If one only thinks of these two aspects of beginning a successful career, one will go far and discover success one can’t even dream of.