Real Estate in 2014 and Beyond

The New York Times recently weighed in on today’s changing climate in real estate:

Buying real estate in a changing climate

Q. News articles have been reporting about global warming and rising sea levels. Should I take note when I consider buying properties or investing in real estate in the future?

Chinatown, Manhattan

A. Anyone who has spent time watching the Weather Channel (or stepped outside) in recent months has probably noticed that the weather has become an erratic beast — the phrase “polar vortex” comes to mind. For those of us living along the Eastern Seaboard, the threat of rising sea levels is particularly worrisome. So when it comes to buying property in the general proximity of the ocean, you might want to glance at a map that takes rising sea levels into account, like models created by Climate Central, a climate research organization. “If I were buying a home in a coastal community, I would want to go in with my eyes wide open,” said Ben Strauss, vice president for climate impact at Climate Central.