Politics in Today’s Large Businesses

Politics is something that virtually every person has an opinion on. It frequently becomes a hot button issue, and the way that business practices relate to politics in general can have a profound impact on the way that business is conducted. Specifically, current political issues that exist throughout the United States have a dramatic impact on the way that many large corporations perform. In turn, the individuals who work for these corporations are often profoundly affected. While the relationship between business and politics can be an overwhelmingly positive one, there are unfortunately instances where the relationship adversely affects those who can least afford it.

There are many current issues regarding politics in the United States. One only has to turn on the news to hear about fighting between political parties or even within the same party. Moreover, the lack of cooperation often causes unintended consequences. Many people argue that it is the fault of one party or the other or that one person is causing the problem. In truth, this only wastes time. Instead, the time would be much better spent finding ways to come to some type of common ground so that important work can be done. Everyone suffers when there is a lack of cooperation. Unfortunately, that is something that has been displayed time and time again throughout the history of the United States. There is also a remarkable display of the great feats that can be accomplished when everyone puts their own personal feelings aside and makes an attempt to work together.

Many businesses attempt to stay clear of any political affiliation whatsoever. However, there are many large corporations whose CEO’s regularly contribute to one political party or the other. Politics in America is essentially funded by these individuals who can afford to donate a great deal of money to one party or the other in order to support a cause or to support their own political views. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, problems do arise when businesses make an attempt at affecting the individual political views of those who are employed there. This is something that crosses both an ethical and a legal line that should never be crossed. It rarely happens, but when it does, it has an adverse impact on all who are involved.

Conversely, it is possible for businesses to have a dramatically positive impact on politics in the United States. The difference between what is acceptable and what is not comes down to the way that politics in business are handled and whether or not a business allows its employees to form their own political opinions, regardless of the opinions of those who own and operate that business. When individual opinions are respected and everyone has the ability to decide for themselves what they want to support, the relationship between large corporations and politics can be a very powerful one.