NYC Real Estate Happenings

New York is a great city to live in. There are some interesting properties for people that are planning to relocate to this area. Andrew Farkas and his NAI Global company is setting up shop in NYC, and this is bound to bring more commercial real estate and agents that can show potential clients new homes.

Farkas and his team have built brokerage companies in New York. Andrew Farkas is also known for bringing real estate empires into the NYC area. He has been quite successful over the years as one of the top executives in commercial real estate on the east coast.

Right now there are developments in Central Park for condos. Many real estate properties have been listed by TOWN Realty. There is a surge in luxury real estate, and many of the NYC happenings for new real estate are happening in Manhattan. There are places like Tribeca, Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side that have managed to become some of the most popular places that agents for NAI Global will list.

The real estate tycoons in New York are giving NYC natives something to talk about. One of the biggest projects for the fall is the rezoning of East Midtown. This is some work that is projected to take place in the fall of 2016 after 2 years of studying the plans with the NYC Department of City Planning.

There is also talk about the possibility of a 2nd World Trade Center. This something that may not be possible this year, but business tycoon Larry Silverstein is looking for a way to make this a possibility. A lot of things are happening in NYC real estate but Farkas empires may be the biggest buzz on the streets when it comes to commercial properties. Farkas has a proven track record of success that extends far beyond New York.