Life and People in Camana Bay

Grand Cayman is not only a popular beach destination for tourists, but also it is a perfect seaside community for the locals. Apart from its gorgeous beaches, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking landscaping, this Caribbean destination also offers a cozy setting for many of its residents to enjoy their stay. People who live here are friendly and enjoy a range of activities. A number of them work in the tourism sector and are involved in local businesses.

People enjoy a number of activities here at this Caribbean destination. There are approximately 52,000 residents on this island. They get to enjoy a variety of Caribbean food, including dishes made from pepper jelly, lionfish, oxtail, and conch. Popular local drinks include rum and Caybrew.

This quaint and urban island is home to many friendly neighborhoods, including Camana Bay. Many communities are well-developed with landscaped walkways, bicycle paths, and small pavements for pedestrians. Each community is served by schools, shops, and restaurants. Many communities now offer fully furnished luxury homes, villas, and condos. These luxury home owners can offer their property as vacation rentals for tourists.

Today, Camana Bay is a dynamic and vibrant water-front community. Life here is fast moving. New changes in the town bring in many new and innovative opportunities for locals and residents alike. Not only is this small island booming, but also the quality and way of life here are becoming better day by day, thanks to Dart Realty (Cayman) LTD.