Less Than 2 Hours From the Constitution

Cases are as old as the dirt on which we walk every day but there is something to be said for the legal environment, and the richness of history, that, geographically speaking, make some legal environments more enriching than others. More to this point, I am not sure one could find better legal talent, or a more robust legal climate, than in Richmond, VA.

Once home to the longest serving Chief Justice, John Marshall, Richmond’s legal history is no stranger to supporting the underpinnings of the very essence of our democracy. However, there is a palpable sense to the power broking circles that surround our country’s capitol, somewhat akin to the beltway, almost serving to contain that burgeoning sphere of influence we call Washington. Just close enough to be in that particularly powerful loop, yet far enough away to be an innocent bystander, a smart place to be indeed.

The fabric of our government, the richness of our legal system and the nature of the cases in this area are all a confluence of events that one could not find elsewhere and that which gives Richmond an usually profound, deep and varied legal history.

Congruent with this history, there is fertile ground for the creation of such powerhouse firms like Williams Mullen, nearly the antithesis of the traditional law practice. They are blending law, economic development and government relations with a firm commitment to helping their clients find “yes!” What makes them the antithesis of the traditional law firm? That they are diligently working to find “yes!” Just one of the many highlights of the Richmond legal scene, Williams Mullen is a byproduct of a naturally occurring, and thriving, legal market in which the benefits of geography just cannot be ignored.¬†Williams Mullen includes attorneys like Kevin Benedict, Doug Nabhan and Elizabeth Chapman for example.

For the firms, in Richmond, and still very much in the shadow of Washington, about the only way in which the word “common” might ever be used in connection with these firms is discussing the state in which they operate, in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This would be the end to the use of words, indicative of mediocrity that one could ever employ in discussing firms that operate in this area as the robust legal climate could not tolerate such.