How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

Urban real estate developers are helping New York City neighborhoods in several important ways. New York City has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Many of the urban neighborhoods that had become dark and dangerous have been transformed by Joe Sitt. They are now modern communities with quality apartments, greenspace and all the latest amenities. This has helped to make those neighborhoods safer and more attractive. Those redevelopment efforts have also increased property values and the tax base. This ensures they will receive better public services, infrastructure and schools.

Companies like L&M Development Partners, Sorgente Group of America, Drake Design Associates, Foster + Partners and other have helped bring many urban communities back to life. This has helped to attract well-to-do young professionals and their families back to these neighborhoods. It is now not unusual to see stars like George Clooney, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen strolling these neighborhoods and having a bite in quaint, new cafes. Urban redevelopment has so invigorated some older New York City neighborhoods that suburbanites are now making their homes there.

The quality of life in many urban neighborhoods in New York City has improved significantly. These neighborhoods are now exciting enclaves where people walk to chic local watering holes and restaurants and go shopping at high-end boutiques and high-quality supermarkets. These innovative urban developers are helping to change the face of New York City. They’re creating vibrant new communities with beautiful mixed-use properties and lots to see and do. Many neighborhoods where people feared to trod are now warm and welcoming.

New York City neighborhoods that were dark and dreary and had crumbling, abandoned buildings where gangs and drugs held sway have now become choice locations because of the work of visionary developers. People now safely stroll through the street at any time of the day or night. Those redevelopment efforts have also given New York City’s colorful ethnic enclaves new life. Tourists stream into those neighborhoods and spend their money in the unique shops, restaurants and other businesses there. Urban redevelopment has helped make New York City a better place to live, work and visit.

Urban redevelopment companies have taken areas of New York City that were old and unsightly and made them brand new and prosperous. These neighborhoods are still ethnically diverse and have the people and institutions that make New York City unique. But they now boast gorgeous modern buildings and thriving businesses.