How and Why to Recycle Polystyrene Foam

Polystyrene Foam is a petroleum-based plastic that most of us know as Styrofoam. It is made from styrene monomers and is used housing insulation, packing material, cups and has host of other uses. We all have seen and used Styrofoam but rarely do people know what to do with it once it is in their possession. Instead of just throwing it in the garbage it is highly suggested that you recycle it. Various organizations/programs exist in New York that focus on recycling Styrofoam and making it easy and convenient to recycle Styrofoam.

So you may be asking yourself, why bother? There are several reasons why each of us should care and recycling provides a great number of advantages that no other disposal method can compare. First, by recycling we can reduce the amount of solid waste that goes in to our landfills, which are quickly filling up. Anything we can do to reduce this amount is a great thing and recycling is a great way to accomplish this goal. Also, if you recycle Styrofoam, it can be re-used in a multitude of ways for, such as cups or packing materials.

This allows us to re-use Styrofoam and avoid using other critical resources such as wood, metal, etc. that are more precious, require more manufacturing and serve the same purpose. This allows us to repeatedly use the materials that we recycle, which is good for the environment and everyone involved. Recycling also reduces the pollution of of both the air and land. The landfills will not fill as quickly and the hazardous gases from burning Styrofoam will not be sent into the air.

These outcomes are much better for the overall environment. If we recycle Styrofoam, the products it can make allow us to reduce time, money and energy in re-manufacturing the same items in different materials. It also reduces the amount of energy for new products which have better effects on the environment.

Styrofoam can be used effectively to reduce pollution, waste and make an overall positive contribution to the environment. However, we must do our part and recycle the Styrofoam that we use. For the recycling centers/organizations do a quick google search with your zip code and you should easily be in touch with someone who can help. Remember, it’s not the material that causes damage, but the way in which we use it.