Hotels to stay at in the Cayman Islands

There are some great hotels to stay at when you are in the Cayman Islands. The first hotel is the Grand Cayman Beach Suites. This is a boutique hotel that is going to feel like an all-inclusive resort. There is a 24 hour gym, a spa, a shopping center, a swim-up bar, and a couple of fine dining restaurants. It is best known for the balconies that offer the guests of the hotel with a wonderful view of the ocean. Orlando Bloom was seen at this hotel.

The second hotel is Ritz Carlton. This is the second largest hotel in the Cayman Islands because it has 365 rooms. This makes it a huge hotel that has the ability to cater to all of the needs of the guests. Some of these thing might include complimentary kayaks and wonderful cocktails at the bar located at the beach. The hotel features a five star chef who works at Blue by Eric Ripert, who is known for his seafood dishes. Bill Paxton and Ken Dart have also been rumored have been seen at this hotel.

The third hotel is the Southern Cross Club. This is going to be the hotel that people are going to want to go to if they are looking for an intimate experience. It feels a lot like a fishing lodge and it only has 12 rooms in the whole hotel. It is decorated very rustic, which still makes you feel at home. There are a lot of different opportunities to fish, boat, and dive at the water close to the hotel. Beau and Jeff Bridges were seen at this hotel.

The fourth one of the hotels is the Cotton Tree. This hotel is located in a more secluded area of the Cayman Islands called West Bay. It is a smaller hotel that is known for its cottages that are painted in pastel colors. The cottages have two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a private patio. You also have access to some of the advanced technology like Wi-Fi and iPod docks. Tim Allen was seen at this hotel.

The fifth one of the hotels is the Caribbean Club. This hotel is known for its villas that are located on the ocean. All of the villas have a private balcony, large bedroom, and a kitchen that is fully equipped. This is a pool at this hotel and the cabanas at the hotel overlooks the famous Seven Mile Beach.