Five Best Real Estate Brokers in Washington

Getting to own a real estate property in Washington, D.C can be quite a challenge given that it is one of the biggest cities and capital of the United States. However, there are several well-known real estate companies based in Washington; one such as Frank Haney could employ their brokerage services when seeking real estate property there. Here are the five best real estate brokers in Washington one can consider for the same.

P.N Hoffman and Associates

This company is located in D.C’s Metro area. They offer an array of services all around the United States’ capital. Their services include designing, construction, sales and marketing of real estate properties in neighborhoods. Their services are strictly confined to Washington area exclusively, and thus one can be sure they know how to serve them best. Their performance is impressive and reliable. One of their recent projects is the Washington Southwest Waterfront redevelopment.

The Peterson Companies

The Peterson Companies is a large, Washington-based, real estate Company with private ownership. They have handled big projects like the Washington Center and the National Harbor. Its services are not confined only to the Washington, D.C area. Business can be conducted in the neighboring Maryland, Fairfax and VA. The company is committed to managing, owning and developing and acquiring high-quality properties, old or new. Their services cover residential, office, retail and commercial real estate. This makes them an ideal choice for their real estate solutions.

Clark Construction

Another big brand in Washington’s real estate business. From construction projects, development, capital markets to investment management, Clark Constructions are sure to cover every of their clients’ needs. Their portfolio is impressive and speaks for itself. The company has handled national award winning projects including the U.S Coastguard Headquarters, City Center DC and Walter Reed Military Medical Center, among the list of many. With an impressive track and dedicated agents, they prove to be favorable for one’s real estate solutions.

Douglas Development

Douglas Development is another of the large private companies that deal in real estate brokerage. The company is committed to offering real estate solutions to all, developing and revitalizing properties in Washington, D.C. The company has handled over 180 successful projects, developing over 9 million Square feet office space. Their portfolio includes revitalization of the Coliseum and the Wonderbread Factory.

The Buzzuto Group

The Buzzuto Group offers a broad real estate services for over 25 years. They acquire and redevelop properties. One of their major projects include the residential spaces Capital Yard, and Flats 130. Their services cover the whole of the Eastern Seaboard but have their Headquarters in Washington, D.C.