Family-Owned Real Estate Development Companies in Washington DC

Turner and Clark construction are some of the primary companies that have created housing projects within Washington DC for the government. Many offices and high rises were built by them with the help of the federal government to expand the city.

Prince Construction is also a government contractor that offers aid in developing residential housing and the building of new office space and refurbishes existing buildings. All three of these very qualified construction companies are family owned and consistently work closely with the government within DC.

A well-known property developer is Haney who builds and finances existing and new projects in the DC area. He has built many projects in the city and has worked with numerous companies to develop government properties that are exclusive and significant for the city.

Financially stable companies, as well as those that have reputable track records, are what the government looks at when partnering with reliable, trustworthy and key developers. All construction companies complement each other, as each has its own strength and weakness and needs support of the other.

Mullings Associates is a trusted real estate company in DC which provides maintenance services of government properties. The company has built historical sites such as the Old Post Office and the Clock Tower which is situated on Pennsylvania Avenue. Many renovations have also taken place from 1976 to 1983 and many have also been built and restored. Such services as site renovations, building relocations and acquisition of new properties for projects have been crucial in forming the landscape of DC and its environs. Many have also been relocated and refurbished buildings that are all part of existing government acquisitions.

Here are 4 other families from the development world located in DC who helped build all those neighborhoods you see there today. We will see how the family owned development business has managed to help raise the awareness and prices, as far a real estate is concerned, within the Washington DC area.

1) Ted Lerner asked his wife if she would lend him $250 to start his own company in 1952 and by 2015 he was recognized as having a net worth of almost $5 billion. His company built Ritz Carlton, several DC National Parks and Washington Square.

2) Morris Cafritz, in the 1920’s was an immigrant from Russia who did a lot of charitable work, created foundations that still gives money to various charities and to the arts on a yearly basis. Cafritz corp was responsible for developing downtown DC office buildings, re-positioning the Washington Harbor and renovating offices for the Social Security administration.

3) Founded in 1884, Donohoe properties manage the National Guard Memorial building as well as several other government owned properties.

4) Last, but not least, in 1885 Solomon Carr founded the company; he and his family have been key to building both the International and Metropolitan Square. The company also owns the Washington Post building.