Executives Making a Difference

Under the public radar and without seeking recognition, most executives have given generously to various charitable organizations. Many have gone so far is creating their own foundations in order to help support the different causes they feel passionate about.

DeWitt Wallace – Co-founder of the Readers Digest

Dewitt Wallace, along with his wife Lila, amassed their life’s fortune as magazine publishers. Their early success came with the co-founding of the Readers Digest in 1922. DeWitt passed away in 1981 and wife Lila the following year, leaving much of their fortune to their four different private foundations they had created over the years. In 2000 the foundations were consolidated in to one, creating the DeWitt and Lila Ashenson Wallace Foundation that focused on helping support school leadership, afterschool programs, summer learning programs etc.

David Leuschen – Co-founder of Riverstone Holdings

David Leuschen founded the David Leuschen Foundation in 1998 as a means to share some of his incredible success to an area of the country he loved. The David Leuschen Foundation was established to help ranch communities in Wyoming and Montana through grants in support of critical community infrastructure such as fire departments, churches, schools and even televisions stations are the focus of the foundation.

Tom Joyner – Founder of Reach Media and Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

It was in 1998 that Tom Joyner Foundation came to be and since that time has raised over $60 million that has been used to provide financial assistance for students attending various historic black colleges and universities. A graduate of the Tuskegee Institute himself, Tom’s support helps to provide opportunity to a countless number of students who would have otherwise been unable to attend these historic institutions. A fun fact about Mr. Joyner, he was an early member of the 70-80’s musical group The Commodores but parted ways seeking more fiscally stable opportunities. That all came before the Commodores gained musical success of course.

John D MacArthur – American Businessman/Philanthropist

Wishing to give back some of the success he had earned through years of sound land and business investments, John and his wife Catherine founded the John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation. Currently the 12th largest foundation in the United States, it supports non-profit organization in more than 50 counties and has granted over $5.5 billion since 1978, all in efforts aimed towards a more peaceful world.

Michael Dell – Business Magnate

In 1999, the Dell Computer founder and business magnate, along with his wife Susan, created the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. Foundation grants focus on urban education, economic stability for families and children’s health. By 2010 the foundation had given more than $650 million to these much needed causes.