Executive recruiting as a career

Executive recruiting is definitely a highly demanding profession. It takes a special combination of corporate know-how and experience in human resources, as well as a deep understanding of what makes people (and organizations) tick. A great executive recruiter needs to be able to adapt to different environments, analyzing what each organization needs at a given time and finding the best people to fill that gap. After all, executive recruiters deal only with highly skilled people, which for an unexperienced person can be dazzling and confusing. A good recruiter, however, knows precisely what attributes to look for in a professional in order to directly benefit the organization or company looking to hire.

With two decades of experience and dozens of successful hires under his belt, Dennis Carey is someone that was born to be a recruiter. A Senior Client Partner in Korn/Ferry International’s CEO and Board Services, he specializes in the recruitment of CEO’s and corporate directors, having negotiated the hire of some of today’s most achieving leaders in various fields. Some of his most successful high-profile hires include American Express, Tyco International, Tyco Electronics and CBS. Always a great judge of character, Dennis Carey has recruited some of today’s most important corporate directors, providing companies and organizations with assets that fit their vision perfectly. He is someone who not only knows how to judge a professional, but also comprehends that companies have weaknesses and strengths that can be improved on by incorporating the right people. By combining these two aspects Carey is able to determine, with an amazing degree of certainty, who will become an invaluable asset for any given organization.

With a great deal of experience of his own being a part of companies and organizations, Dennis Carey knows firsthand what they need in order to become successful. He was a managing director at Hay Management Consultants, vice president of the University of Delaware and secretary of labor and industry to Governor Pierre S. Dupont IV, among other demanding positions. Currently he serves as director of AirClic, the Edgewater Funds and Wharton’s Director’s Institute. Tireless, he has even published three books and several articles that delve masterfully into the intricacies of the corporate world. That kind of experience is invaluable when it comes to recruiting and placing new talent, creating opportunities and allowing organizations to overcome the problems they are faced with daily.