Employers who are Military-Spouse Friendly

There are numerous employers with comprehensive and full-time military programs and positions. These companies believe military personnel and their spouses make the best employees. They are right, and they have the results to show for it. They have been acknowledged by organizations such as Military Friendly and other employer review organizations. Let us look at the employers who provide the best working environment for military spouses.


1. ADS Inc

The company is involved in defense and security. They serve the DOD, federal and state agencies, and local agencies supporting security operations. ADS employs more than a third of its workforce from veterans and military families. The company has value awards where employees who display the best alignment with the corporate values get rewarded. Sales managers reward the best performing support team members. The firm has a comprehensive giveback mission, which includes military activities such as a Marine Corps marathon.


2. Cajun Industries

Cajun is a specialty contractor involved in civil, mechanical, and marine construction. The company was founded by a veteran who has an in-depth understanding of the challenges military spouses go through. He also understands that military spouses are safety conscious and inspired. The company has exciting working places and activities that keep spouses engaged and motivated.


3. Chenega Corporation

Chenega is a federal contractor. It provides an environment for military spouses to settle in quickly. It also employs many veterans. Part of the company’s profits goes to improving the lives of the employees to enable them to achieve self-sufficiency. Additionally, it has a strong focus on ethical and social responsibility.


4. Sundt Construction

A top-rated and one of the largest general contractors in the country. The company is focused on building America and is completely employee-owned. It is looking to expand its talent from veterans and their spouses. It also supports various military communities. It is committed to retaining great talent. It has great growth potential, diverse and engaging projects. They offer fantastic employee benefits including healthcare coverage.


5. Bozzuto

A real estate developer with extensive interests in the East Coast, the North East and Chicago area. The management leads by example. The company is committed to creating safe sanctuaries and offers numerous benefits. The company has a creative family-oriented atmosphere and a great corporate culture, and has won numerous industry and performance awards.

These are just some of the numerous companies that provide extended benefits and incredible working environments for military spouses. Some employers offer incentives such as prioritizing military spouses for certain positions, relocation to work in your spouse’s duty station locality and work-at-home jobs.