David Kendrick, a US Army veteran and SourceAmerica Advocate

David Kendrick Survived Near Death In The Military And Turned His Life Around To Become A Success Story

After serving in the Iraq war for two and a half years David Kendrick has a motto- he believes slow progress is preferable to no progress. He almost lost his life at the age of twenty due to an attack and has since devoted his life to helping other individuals with disabilities. His path began as a wounded warrior and led to him becoming the successful owner of a small business. It has been ten years since he was shot in both legs by a sniper. The first bullet damaged his femoral artery and caused his left femur to shatter. The second bullet caused substantial damage to his right leg. His career in the military ended due to permanent disabilities.

David Kendrick recovered and tried to find employment. His purple heart did not overcome the obstacles and as he struggled he was homeless and thought about suicide. One day he was in the Army and serving his country and the next he was homeless. He lived in his car for months before finding the courage to contact a retired General from the Army named Robert Mixon. Mixon supported transitioning veterans and helped him get a job. He had filled out too many applications asking if he had a disability and was never certain how to answer.

David Kendrick continued to study while working and learned about writing resumes, public speaking, and interview skills. In 2011, he joined SourceAmerica Speakers and began sharing his story. This was the beginning of his dream to own a business as a job coach and a speaker. He began with a program for veterans called Entrepreneurship Bootcamp to learn how to start a business. He decided the world is a jungle so his business would be called the Lion Speaking Agency. The Small Business Administration showed him the necessary steps to begin his business and the Service Corps of Retired Executives gave him the resources and mentoring he needed to succeed.

For five years David Kendrick has relied on these organizations to build his company while working as a supervisor in a call center. He was finally able to quit his job and run his company full time. It took a lot of time, study, hard work, and mentoring but he persevered and made his dream come true. He learned to believe in himself and to live his life with passion. David Kendrick became a true success story.