Dart Enterprises to Boost Tourism with Luxury Hotel

Come 2016, a ten-story, 2-tower, and luxury resort will grace Cayman’s glowing sunset skyline. Dart Enterprise’s upcoming Kimpton Resort is slated to feature 266 hotel rooms along with five restaurants and lounges.

With a facade designed by SB Architects and interiors featuring a collaboration of Powerstrip Studio and Mark Zeff Design, the hotel will follow a rustic yet polished, barefoot yet elegant vibe. The landscaping, which will even boast outdoor meeting and function spaces, will also have lush, native species and a cascading pool.

The Kimpton Hotel will be in good company, with diverse hospitality options ranging from the Holiday Inn to the Ritz-Carlton, as well as the revamping of the 10-year dormant inland Hyatt.

Additionally, Ken Dart (read more) owner of Dart Enterprises is working to expand his already-flourishing tourism market in the Camana Bay development property. Tourism attracts around 330,000 air travel tourists and over 1.5 million cruise passenger visitors yearly. Yet it also provides countless jobs for members of the local community of the world-class waterfront town–around 1,300 locals benefit from working in the tourism industry alone.

“Kimpton excels in offering stylish yet comfortable hotels and providing genuine, unscripted guest experiences,” stated Jackie Doak, Chief Operating Officer of Dart Realty.