CEO Academy Program

This November, CEO Academy (founded by Dennis Carey) is teaming with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to offer a two day program for new and experienced CEOs. The program will focus on pairing peer-to-peer connections and discussion with distinguished speakers to give participants the best opportunities for growth.

Dennis Carey, founder of CEO Academy and Vice Chairman of Korn/Ferry International, has worked with many notable firms and companies for CEO/director searches and recruitment endeavors. With such extensive experience as a recruiter, Carey knows what skills can make or break a successful CEO. He founded CEO Academy in 1999 in order to help new CEOs learn how to successfully run their companies from their more seasoned peers. Thisz peer-to-peer immersion program is unique because it combines the important elements of business press, professional service advisories, and other CEOs in one place for a truly exhaustive wealth of knowledge.

This year, the CEO Academy agenda opens with a very fitting segment entitled “Why ‘CEO Continuous Improvement’ Is Critical.” This opening truly captures what Dennis Carey designed CEO Academy to do: educate those already at the top, so they can continue to grow. Following this discussion, CEOs and board members attend a variety of panels and sessions designed to touch upon all aspects of leadership development and growth.

Dennis Carey and CEO Academy have annually hosted this immersion program since 1999, but this is the first year the company is partnering with the Wharton School to continue developing the experience. The program is limited to 50 attendees in order to keep the intimacy and peer-to-peer feeling that is so important. Dennis Carey believes the program will be very successful, and encourages CEOs of all backgrounds to attend.